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Toward carbon neutrality

The Sievi Group has calculated the carbon footprint of its operations and set clear emission reduction targets for the coming years. We aim to become carbon neutral by 2032 and create a cleaner future.


Current carbon footprint

In order to set future goals, we must understand the present day. That is why we have calculated our carbon footprint together with Reforest Finland. The calculations were carried out according to the GHG reporting standard, and they included all the emissions that the company has an influence on through its actions.

In 2020, the Sievi Group’s carbon footprint was approximately 640 CO2e metric tons, of which roughly one quarter consisted of fuel consumption by the group’s vehicles, one quarter of electricity, heat and cooling energy purchased by the group, and about half was other emissions from the business operations, such as commuting, work-related travel, logistics, and waste.

Future steps

Based on the calculations, we formed a carbon roadmap to becoming fully carbon neutral by 2032. Responsible decisions in business must be more than just words, which is why we have defined a set of tangible actions and objectives.

The first target for 2026 is a 30% reduction in emissions, and the target for 2030 is a 60% reduction from the 2020 level. The goal for 2032 is complete carbon neutrality.

These goals have been reviewed by experts from Reforest Finland, and the comparison calculations and monitoring of the goals have been scheduled for 2024 and 2028. As a pioneer in responsible business, we will report on our success in achieving the reductions and clearly define the measures required to reach the next level.

Carbon neutral Sievi Group by 2032

No happiness without responsibility

Building an ecological life promotes happiness. The environmentally friendly way in which the Sievi Group operates is also reflected in the activities of its subsidiaries and, subsequently, the daily lives of its customers. We offer environmentally friendly alternatives for every building project. For example, Sievitalo has been creating environmental reports for every detached house it has built for over three years. The building blocks for a happy, responsible life are there for everyone.

Committed and responsible project management

As a responsible forerunner in timber construction, we want to reduce the environmental impact of construction. In addition to construction, we also pay attention to the environmental effects of our own activities. The next milestone for the Sievi Group is the emission reduction target for 2026, which is 30% below the current level. We will be able to achieve this goal if 50% of the fuel used by the installation vehicles is biodiesel, if 50% of the purchased energy consumed at the operating premises is renewable, and if 25% of the fuel used in logistics is biodiesel. Moreover, the emissions from commuting will be reduced by 50% by favoring remote meetings and sustainable travel methods and accommodation options. In addition to these measures, 30% of commuting will take place by public transport, walking or cycling.

Our objective for 2026 is to reduce emissions by 30% from the current level.

Comprehensive construction solutions are ecological

Responsible construction projects are easy to carry out when you have the expertise and vision. Through our subsidiaries, we offer residential houses that are ready to move into, timber elements, full-service apartments, as well as care and well-being facilities. Responsible construction is within our reach.

It pays to minimize your carbon footprint – now and always

How can you become a forerunner in construction? By having clear carbon neutrality targets and taking concrete action. The Sievi Group will take systematic steps in 2026, 2030 and 2032. For financiers and investors, things could not be better: it has never been easier to measure the carbon footprint of real estate. Both the Sievi Group and its subsidiaries are committed to reporting on their progress towards a cleaner future.

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