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The PLUS package—an oven-ready business as a turnkey solution

Perfect for when you want to start running a service company quickly and gain immediate access to a package that is ready to launch.

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Wondering where to start? What do you need to take into account before starting a care unit for elderly or disabled people, for example? We have the answer to almost any question.

Plus package

Oven-ready business model

Here at Sievi Hyvinvointitilat, we are highly experienced in building profitable and continuous operations in terms of service provision without skimping on the service quality or operating conditions.

We will help you formulate a service concept, map out the market situation, and get your business finances on a healthy footing, both in terms of investment and risk assessment.

Why choose our PLUS service?

Our aim is to solve several challenges at the same time and save you money. This way, you will be able to start running your business as fast as possible. Keep reading to see what our service includes.

Implementation of communications

  • Press releases
  • Creation of recruitment materials
  • Campaign themes to support recruitment
  • Campaign themes for attracting residents
  • Tone of voice (including for content production).

Training in content production

  • Team induction
  • Training in the use of social media and basic content production
  • Annual calendar presentation

Implementation of visual identity

  • Logos, colors, typography, graphic elements compiled in the graphic guidelines
  • Business card template
  • Work uniform concept
  • Flier (e.g., A5)
  • Rollup template
  • Form templates (Word/PPT)
  • Planning and execution of the opening of a new unit

Creating a network presence

  • Creating a modern website that is both mobile and search engine friendly
  • Design and implementation of social media channels (profiles)
  • Integration of social media channels into the site

Employer image and engagement

  • Establishing a desirable employer image
  • Active visibility on social and traditional media
  • Recruitment plans and campaigns
  • Self-guided teams led by immediate supervisors (personnel productivity)
  • Training and engagement of immediate supervisors
  • Personnel training paths and training agreements
  • Standing out with perks
  • Reward systems for all personnel

Target specification

  • business economics
  • service concept
  • personnel — recruitment and engagement measures
  • customers—building accounts and prospecting
  • marketing communications—investment in and risk assessment of a ready-made business identity and communication angle

Development plan

  • measures
  • schedule

With us, the content and rental price go hand in hand. As a care housing construction customer, you can genuinely influence the rent level through your choices. This way, the project will not require any major investments.

Would you like more information? Contact our specialists or book a meeting.

Esimerkkikohteita ja -laskelmia

Perustason 7+7-paikkainen yksikkö

Liikevaihto 350 € / vrk
147 000 € / kk TAI 1 764 000 € / vuosi

Liikevoitto 1v. 44 000 €
2.v 88 000 € / 3v. 176 000 €

Investoinnin suuruus 200 000 €
Sillä katetaan kahden ensimmäisen kuukauden henkilöstökulut ja koulutukset sekä irtaimisto, autot ja toiminnan vaatimat kalusteet.

Erityistason 7+7-paikkainen yksikkö

Liikevaihto 450 € / vrk
189 000 € / kk TAI 2 268 000 € / vuosi

Liikevoitto 1v. 62 000 €
2.v 113 000 € / 3v. 226 000 €

Investoinnin suuruus 250 000 €
Sillä katetaan kahden ensimmäisen kuukauden henkilöstökulut ja koulutukset sekä irtaimisto, autot ja toiminnan vaatimat kalusteet.

Erityistason vahvennettu 7+7-paikkainen yksikkö

Liikevaihto 520 € / vrk
218 000 € / kk TAI 2 621 000 € / vuosi

Liikevoitto 1v. 65 000 €
2.v 131 000 € / 3v. 262 000 €

Investoinnin suuruus 300 000 €
Sillä katetaan kahden ensimmäisen kuukauden henkilöstökulut ja koulutukset sekä irtaimisto, autot ja toiminnan vaatimat kalusteet.

Our team at your service

Pauli-Pekka Österberg
Commercial director
Tero Toiviainen
Architect in charge
Tommi Koukkari

Our satisfied customers

“Meidän ääni on tullut tosi hyvin kuulluksi, kertoo Perusturvaliikelaitos Saarikan palvelupäällikkö Anu Kinnunen tyytyväisenä”.
Toiveemme huomioitiin todella hyvin. Pääsimme vaikuttamaan rakennuksen sijaintiin ja malliin sekä huoneiden ja toimintojen toteutukseen. Asukkaat ovat sanoneet, että uuteen kotiin on ollut ihana tulla.

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