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Constructing group homes for young people using a rental model

We build comfortable and homelike special housing facilities for the needs of child protection as group homes, independent living apartments, and teaching facilities. Using a rental model, we provide safe facilities that we customize according to the needs of the service provider and young people.

See our brochure on acquiring a group home for young people as a rental solution

We design and create bespoke rental group homes for young people for businesses, associations, and the public sector. Read the brochure and learn more about our approach to group home construction, which ensures you as the customer the most straight-forward and stress-free experience possible.

Group homes for young people

Housing and teaching facilities for child protection needs through a rental facility solution

We have been fortunate enough to be able to create homelike special housing facilities for child protection requirements for over a hundred young people. These facilities have included:


Safe and homelike facilities

It is essential that units constructed for children and young people are safe and provide a homelike setting. Facilities that meet official requirements must feel like a home for a child or young person who is facing challenging circumstances. The building design, layout of rooms, and auxiliary functions (such as independent living apartments and teaching facilities) are tailored for each project separately.

We ensure that the financial side of things makes sense

With us, the content and rental price go hand in hand. Since we control the entire value chain, you can influence the rent level through your choices. The service provider rents the premises, so expanding a housing unit or establishing a new one will not require a major investment.

Project management from start to finish

Finding a suitable piece of land for child protection purposes can be challenging. Sievi Hyvinvointitilat controls the entire value chain of project management, from signing the lease to creating the designs, and from the construction phase to the handover of the finished premises. As a service provider, you can be assured that you will receive facilities that meet your needs while having the freedom of a tenant!


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Lastensuojelussa on erityisen tärkeää, että yksikkö on turvallinen ja että siellä on hyvä, kodinomainen ilmapiiri. Yhdessä onnistuimme luomaan viihtyisät tilat, jotka täyttävät viranomaisvaatimukset.

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