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Sievi Hyvinvointitilat — a comprehensive service locally provided

We create care facilities to help those who use them enjoy a happy life, from the plot to the delivery of the completed property as a rental solution—all with just one rent agreement!

Company presentation

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat as a company

The Finnish Sievi Hyvinvointitilat builds rental care facilities where the service provider does not need to invest in the premises they use. We create investment-free business premises for the needs of care housing, day care centers, and group homes through an easy process and a single agreement. Our company aims to increase people’s happiness by responding to the requirements of special housing and care in a controlled and safe manner, based on sustainable values.

We are responsible for the success of each project and achieving its objectives. We also take care of purchasing a plot, designing the facilities, funding during the construction, permits, and the construction itself. Thanks to our comprehensive turnkey service, our customers can focus on their core activities, i.e., providing and developing care services.

For a tenant, acquiring investment-free premises is easy, fast, and hassle-free. Our concept allows for the optimization of operations in a way that ensures our customers’ capital is not tied up in care properties.

Experienced project developer of care facilities

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat is a developer, builder, and contractor specializing in care construction. In all of our projects, we serve as the main contractor, responsible for the overall process. We are part of the Sievi Group, and every year we run more than 150 happy living building projects around Finland.

Understanding and reliability

We handle the implementation of care projects across the value chain, from the rental agreement to the commissioning of a completed site. We understand the operational objectives of different target groups and the statutory requirements in the sector. The building components and installation services that we use come directly from Sievi’s factory in Northern Ostrobothnia. Our modern production facilities ensure efficient production, reliable deliveries and high quality.

Convenience and eagerness to serve

We are easily highly approachable customer service representatives regardless of our role. Working with us is enjoyable and effortless. You can have your say in the design, choice of materials and equipment of the care facilities from the planning stage onward. Together with the user, Sievi Hyvinvointitilat’s architect will determine the design brief and functionalities, in accordance with the needs of the target group.

”We will provide you with our expertise and experience. You decide and we make it happen!”

Pauli-Pekka Österberg, toimitusjohtaja
Sievi Hyvinvointitilat Oy

Sievi rakennuskonserni lukuina

80+ Turnover in million euros (2022)

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat is part of the Sievi Group. We take advantage of the skills in the entire group in care housing construction. We are a financially sound company, and it is safe to do business with us.

127 Employees

Our Sievi family has more than 120 employees, and hundreds of our subcontractors work every day to build high-quality and sustainable facilities.

350+ Construction sites

We have years of experience in building homelike and functional care facilities. We offer our customers solutions that make daily life easier, retain the value of real estate and build a foundation for a happy life.

NPS 89 Customer satisfaction

NPS, or indicator of customer loyalty. This shows how likely you are to recommend us to a friend or colleague. NPS is a score between -100 and 100.

Our vision

Leading the way in well-being facilities

Our vision is to lead the way in the construction of well-being facilities that genuinely promote the wellness of residents and increase the functionality of the premises.

Our mission

Increasing happiness in Finland

Our mission is to increase happiness in Finland by building unique well-being facilities for all stages of life, as well as for various requirements of care services.

The Sievi Group

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat is part of the Sievi Group.

The Sievi Group is a Finnish group of companies who operate in the field of construction of residential and other buildings.

The Sievi Group is a Finnish developer of ecological housing solutions. Combining modern industrial operations with expertise in traditional timber construction is a top priority for us. Thanks to our innovative operating models, we are able to meet our customers’ needs in a unique way with our products.

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Toward carbon neutrality.

The Sievi Group has calculated the carbon footprint of its operations and set clear emission reduction targets for the coming years.

We have set out a carbon roadmap, the objective of which is to become carbon neutral by 2032 and create a cleaner future. The first target for 2026 is a 30% reduction in emissions, and the target for 2030 is a 60% reduction from the 2020 level.

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Our satisfied customers

“Meidän ääni on tullut tosi hyvin kuulluksi, kertoo Perusturvaliikelaitos Saarikan palvelupäällikkö Anu Kinnunen tyytyväisenä”.
“Jos haluaa keskustelevan ja turvallisen yhteistyökumppanin, niin ilman muuta voin suositella heitä vastaavanlaisen projektiin”, kiteyttää Validian liiketoimintajohtaja Mari Sundberg.
Kun aloimme käydä Sievi Hyvinvointitilojen kanssaan näitä keskusteluja, niin meistä tuntui heti siltä, että he ymmärsivät, mitä me tarvitsemme. Jo ne ensimmäiset piirustukset, jotka arkkitehti meille sen ensimmäisen keskustelun jälkeen toimitti, olivat sellaiset, että vau. He kuuntelivat, mitä meidän asukkaamme ja mitä me yhteisönä tarvitsemme.